Ghosts of Futures Past

by Knight of Swords



released March 3, 2017




Knight of Swords Seattle, Washington

A decadent-rock band from Seattle. A semi-closeted trans woman and her faithful drum machine

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Track Name: Zeitgeist
A plaintive rowboat on the black seas
The desolate isle, full of cypress
There's always more suffering than pleasure
The wisdom of Silenus holds true
It is best not to be born at all
Or to pass through the gates of death
As quickly as one can
What does it matter if we die now?
We'll return to dust anyhow
Avoid a few more decades of suffering

Watch all around as the pigs do the slaughter
There's no resistance anymore
What can people do but wait to die
All that's offered is to buy and buy
I tighten the noose around my neck
Taking the long black train to a daily doom
All the dreams are extinguished
All the dreams are extinguished
In this nightmare land
Morpheus is dead
And we have killed them
Now an army of automata
All identical, mourning their loss
They jump each others' train
Trying to find something new
All that's left is imitation
All we have are ghosts

There's no way to get away
Nowhere to flee or to rest
As the harsh light approaches
Revealing my weakness
Burning my flesh and tearing my limbs

Festivals of repression
The last necktie tightens around my neck
It promises deliverance
As the lead shatters my skull,
And the blood spurts out
I kneel for the last time
Granted merciful release

All that's left is imitation
All we have are ghosts
All we have are ghosts
All we have are ghosts
All we have are ghosts
Track Name: Snow
Snow falls, drifted by the cold wind
A blanket for the dead of the city
Slow break to the accelerations
Hopefully the snow will stay

In our dying world
Where we're reduced to machines
Snow is the last escape
From a hot, fast nightmare

There are very few things comparable
To the joy one gets from sitting inside
With the snow falling gently
With a fire in front, and coffee in hand

In our dying world
Where we're reduced to machines
Snow is the last escape
From a hot, fast nightmare

But it's a warming world
And the snow can't last
For much longer yet
The nightmare only
Intensifies in the hellish
Years to come
Track Name: The Bridge
I look in front of my eyes
And all I see is death
We had a time to choose
And we chose the path of decay
It's the twilight of humanity
It's the twilight of my life

I somehow knew that it would end this way
Not a bang, but a whimper
An irrevocable slide
An anemic response
We walk upon a bridge of rope
Above a chasm
There's nothing left but to let the blood
Watch ourselves die as the bridge topples
Track Name: Empty Castle
Looking from the balcony upon a blank expanse
I am the only inhabitant yet living
It's entirely empty, there aren't even ghosts
None of those who were close to me
Were ever really close to me
Always behind a screen
Even those who cry with me
Can't reach out to touch me
Futile search for a connection
As I reach out to them I know
That all I do is push them away
Just a march of the faceless
Lives of their own that never meet
Not with me or each other
Resort to desparation
But all it does is push us apart
Resorts to desparation push us apart
An empty castle crumbles to dust
The rain outside never lets up
No one lived here to begin with
When I'm gone, no one will remember
Track Name: Fleshy Insignificance
I will be haunted forever
I sought it out myself
A nameless person in a forgotten room
I'm unwanted by everyone else
Desparation colors the cold room
A fleshy mass covers the robots
There's pleasure but no feeling
We touch, but with no connection
It will stay with me forever
Is it selfish to want more?
Is it selfish to want more?
Motions all mechanical
Writhing and an awful smell
Sitting on a soldering iron
Plunge the sword deep into me
Unable to talk
Wrapped in a blanket of flesh
An hour of motion
And no release
I walk down and away
You never heard my name
I feel nothing
Just a mass of grey
There's nothing
Just static
For the first time
I surrendered everything
Sated temporarily
Now that it's over
I appreciate insignificance
I don't care if I die
So just take the knife
And plunge it into me

Is it selfish to want more?
Is it selfish to want more?
I appreciate my insignificance
So just plunge the knife
Track Name: All-Devouring
A disembodied laugh
like an expressionistic nightmare
shadows of claws, long extended
we dissolve into nothing
the gaping maw of the abyss
a void all devouring

Driving deeper downwards
Nothing but darkness surrounds
Pulled inexorably into the mists
There's no escape left;
But shadows all around
Track Name: Grey Lake
Grey skies like paper
Above the abbey of raw concrete
A gray pool beneath us
Dream of falling evermore
Again and again and again...
Track Name: Inscriptions
The remarkable apparatus
With impeccable judgment
Finds all guilty and administers justice
Through a gentle massage of needles

On the body the needles inscribe
The condemned person's crime
The commanding apparatus
Administers justice and epiphany

This repressive process begins in the colony
To enslave and subject and exploit
But it moves from periphery to core
Striking the other within

The question now is--
For a future liberation
or regression to domination?
or regression to brutality, submission
and the inscribing on the body
Track Name: Concrete Fog
Fog and rain unceasing
Form a grey cloak
Sky and sea merge
Yet this æsthetic experience
Is unnoted by the many
Carrying about their daily lives
And it too shall pass
Almost imperceptible
The cold concrete towers
Tall narrow windows
A Cistercian monastery for the modern age
Track Name: Castle
A labyrinthine village blanketed in snow
A castle overlooks, ruled by officers
Search for salvation of the soul
Through the Byzantine bureaucracy

You're an innocent child, but you've always been a guilty human being!
I sentence you to death by drowning.