A Walk in the Woods

by Knight of Swords



My first attempt at this "music" thing.


At eventide did I go to the old trail
An innocent walk into the woods
The shadows of the trees didn't scare me
I was still guided by the sun
Its ephemeral light waned so quickly
Heedless, without any care
I walked on, quick as a hare
The woods grew denser and denser yet
Alone in the woods, nowhere to go
Fear and isolation, shadows grow
Alone in the woods, nowhere to go
Fear and isolation, shadows grow

As the sun did set, so I lit my torch
A fog did fall, and my light wane
And the last dying ember, to my dismay
Revealed the trail ended long ago
The children of the night sang their song
I knew I wouldn't last too long
I ran about, in dread-driven frenzy
It was too late to fix my wrong

To weather this fright was too much to ask
Just to survive was a heavy task
If only I'd stayed just reading the lore
and never dreamt of leaving the door
Some unknown horror was stalking me now
To its pressure I could not bow
I heard its voice, or was it my mind?
It was not that of a different kind
CHORUS [until end]


released January 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Knight of Swords Seattle, Washington

A decadent-rock band from Seattle. A semi-closeted trans woman and her faithful drum machine

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