The Forgotten Idol

by Knight of Swords



Go deep into the old quarter
Ask the caped man who you find
For a leather-bound volume, ancient and dread
An image of the laws of idols dead
Remembered not in speech or marble
Sleeping beneath the desert waste
In the land nameless and empty

Generations upon generations ago
He walked upon the valley of snow
His visage terrible to see
Carrying nightmares and eulogies
Waiting for the right time he went to sleep
Now he awakens again

Doctor mirabilis, he rides a white ship
A city at its zenith of influence
A doom has come to the world
The owls perch under black yew trees
Meditating with his scarlet gaze
Until the cold darkness comes

To see his influnce just go
Down into the underground
Watch his gloomy Mass
Pervaded by the scent of death

The star will fall and its bitter taste
Will poison all our mouths
If the resurrected idol fails our minds
Worship won't save you or your kin


released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Knight of Swords Seattle, Washington

A decadent-rock band from Seattle. A semi-closeted trans woman and her faithful drum machine

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